Why Hire Us?

About the RedFish Inspections Team

RedFish Inspections works as your team whether in the office or on the inspection site. Our well trained
inspectors utilize the latest technologies to allow for a more thorough inspection. Such technologies
include infrared cameras, laser thermometers, ziplevels to measure the foundation level, sewer
cameras, powerful phone applications to deliver same day reports. 

Our multi-inspector company means we can inspect throughout the greater Houston area on short
notice. This ranges from Galveston Island to Conroe and from Mont Belvieu to Sealy. In addition to the
home inspections, we also offer inspections for pools/spas, sprinkler systems, water wells and water
sampling, aerobic septic systems, termites and other wood destroying insects.

Team Members

The Redfish Inspections team stands as a group, with Redfish Inspections vans on the left and right sides of the group.

We have over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. Owner Will Misegades holds
an Associate of Applied Science in Construction Studies, has personally built houses for years,
and became an Export Project manager for an international company that produced log
houses. He has written construction manuals, trained companies to build houses, and taught
them how the houses live and age. As a Certified Master Inspector (CMI) with over 2500
inspections personally performed
and trained trained many of his inspectors, he no longer
inspects houses to focus on growing the business

Inspector Manager Trey Kincade, Certified Master Inspector and Trainer James Sprouse,
Professional Inspectors Ruben Vasquez, Bill Smith and Gary Parr
 make up the core of our
inspections teams. They travel across the greater Houston area throughout the week to help
families make informed decisions about the biggest investment of their life.

Office Assistant Noel Woods, Marketing Manager Cheyenne Sprouse, and General Assistant
Suzanne Scott
 support the Redfish Inspections team with agent education and support
activities, and general business administration.

Client Care Coordinators Donn Shankland and Jhazlene Olea answer the RedFish Inspections
phone lines, scheduling our team across the greater Houston area and fielding questions for
the team.

Inspection Team Credentials

RedFish Home Inspections abides by Texas Real Estate Commission Code of Ethics. Every
inspection meets all requirements of Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) Standard of Practice.

Your Home Inspector must be licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission. 

TREC provides an easy on-line access to verify not only if the person is licensed but also if that
person has an active license.