Types of Inspection

House For SalePre-Purchase Inspection

After the Buyer puts in an offer for a house, He/She hires RedFish Inspections to inspect and advise on the condition of the house. Our goal is to help the Buyer make an educated purchase. We recommend you contact us for this type of inspection as soon as your contract has been executed. This will help us schedule your inspection earlier in your option period.

Pre-Sell Inspection

Prior to listing the house for sale, the Seller hires RedFish Inspections to discover and offer corrective solutions to problems the house may have. This could potentially increase the property’s value.

One-Year Warranty Inspection

This inspection is for newly built homes. The Home Owner hires RedFish Inspections to complete a home inspection before the home is one year old. We look for defects which would be taken care of by the Builder under their New Home Warranty Program.

Specialty Inspection

This type of inspection is for other parts of the house which are not included in the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) Standard of Practice, but still need to be inspected by a trained Professional. This includes elements like thermal imaging, standalone foundation inspections, pools, spas, sprinkler systems, wells, etc. These can be added to one of the other types of inspection.