What is Inspected?

Structural Systems
Structural Systems
Foundation, Grading and Drainage
Roof Covering
Roof Structure and Attic, Interior and Exterior Walls
Ceilings and Floors
Doors, Windows, Fireplace and Chimney
Attached Porches, Decks and Carports
Electrical Systems
Service Entrance and Panels
Branch Circuits – Connected Devices and Fixtures
HVAC Systems
HVAC Systems
Heating Equipment
Cooling Equipment
Ducts and Vents
Plumbing System
Plumbing System
Water Supply System and Fixtures
Drains, Wastes and Vents
Water Heating Equipment, Hydro-Therapy Equipment
Food Waste Disposer,
Range Hood
Ranges, Ovens and Cooktops
Microwave Cooking Equipment
Trash Compactor, Bathroom Exhaust Fans and/or Heaters
Garage Door Operators
Dryer Vents, Other Built In Appliances