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We’ve all heard the sounds of a leaky toilet, but did you know that a running toilet can cost 25 times more than a shower leak and 4 times more than a faucet leak? A running toilet can waste a gallon of water in about 30 seconds.

We’re not talking about a few bucks here. We’re talking about up to $200 or more PER MONTH added to your water bill. That’s $2400 per year if it is not taken care of.

Flushing money down toilet

The sounds above is caused by a faulty flapper valve or a faulty filler valve. The cost to repair is usually under $10.

The other kind of leaky toilet appears visibly. There is water on the floor around the toilet. This water can come from several sources:

  1. The toilet overflowed due to some type of blockage in its drain.
  2. The water hose connection is leaking.
  3. The toilet ring mounted on the floor is leaking.
  4. The seal between the tank and the toilet seat is leaking.
  5. Septic system is full and needs servicing.
  6. There is a blockage downline from the toilet causing the toilet to backup.

The first 3 items are low cost repair and can be done by the home owner. The fourth item usually requires replacing the toilet.

Toilet Repairs

Simple Leaky Toilet Test

Put a few drops of food color in your toilet tank. Wait 20 or 30 minutes. If the bowl begins to change color, then there is a leak with the flapper valve.

Preventive, regular home maintenance on the toilet and septic is the best deterrence to a toilet problems. At some point, each toilet will need some type of repair. Correcting the repairs when it is first noticed can avoid money going down the drain.

How to fix YouTube links:

Disclaimer: the above YouTube videos were not produced by RedFish Inspections. We do not guarantee the content of the videos and will not be held liable if following the videos results in additional costs. We always recommend following the toilet manufacturer’s installation and repair instructions for the model in your home.