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Ensure your home’s sewer line is free of problems and issues with a sewer scope inspection from the experts at RedFish Inspections. We serve the Houston Area and all surrounding areas with our sewer camera inspection services. Request a quoteschedule now, or call us at (832)-303-8048.

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There are many tell-tale signs that you should get a sewer camera inspection before making an offer on a house. Below is a list of some of the most common signs that something may be wrong with the sewer system or that it’s at risk of being damaged.

  • Water backing up inside the house or crawlspace is an indication there is damage to the sewer line or a significant clog within the line itself.
  • Large trees in the yard and their growing root system are one of the most common causes of sewer pipe damage. Roots can cause damage by constricting the pipe, breaking it, clogging it, or causing leaks.
  • Houses built before 1984 may have clay sewer pipes that can be easily crushed or damaged. These need to be inspected to ensure they are in good condition.
  • Shifting or movement of the ground around the home could indicate a problem with the sewer pipe. If you notice soil levels sinking or piling higher around your driveway or walkways, this could signify the ground around your home is moving.
  • Lush patches of grass is a common sign of a septic or sewer leak as sewer contents are a natural fertilizer that encourages plant growth. If a suspicious area of your lawn is greener than the rest, you have reason to believe there may be a problem.

If you don’t see any of the above issues in your potential new home, we still recommend having a sewer line scope inspection performed. Minor issues with the sewer line may have no or very few symptoms, but can still result in expensive repairs.

Our Sewer Scope Inspection Process

A trained, professional inspector will run a specialized, flexible borescope camera, through the sewer line in order to examine the line and any other underground pipes for flaws, imperfections, or serious problems. Once completed, the inspector will review the findings with you as well as issue a complete report of the condition of the sewer line that is given to both you and the home seller. The entire process usually takes no more than one hour.


When scheduling a buyer or seller home inspection or a new home construction inspection, just ask about adding a sewer scope to the order. We also offer other specialty inspections for all your needs:

Ask about our package specials for the best pricing. We also offer discounts to veterans, first responders, and public-school-system employees. We may occasionally have off-season or special promotions as well.


Many people wonder if a sewer inspection is worth it. Our answer is a resounding yes! Getting a sewer scope inspection can help you avoid investing in a home that has serious issues with the sewer/septic system. You may also be able to save if you’re able to find a home inspector who offers this service along with other traditional home inspection services such as termite or WDI inspectionsthermal imaging inspections, or house elevation plotting. Bundling these services into inspection packages will usually allow you to get a better deal.


Our professional, certified inspectors provide the service and amenities our customers need.

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We also offer additional services such as waterfront inspectionsfarm & ranch inspections, and log cabin inspections. We are truly a one-stop shop. We do it all as a convenience to our customers. It’s easy to add a specialty service to a home inspection. Check out our package options for the best deals. You can also review our FAQs for more information about us.

Don’t purchase a home without finding out the condition of the sewer line. Make an informed decision by scheduling a sewer scope inspection with us today. We serve the Houston Area and the surrounding cities including MontgomeryThe WoodlandsCypress, Tomball, Huntsville, and more with our new construction inspectionscommercial inspectionspool and spa inspectionswell and septic inspections, and additional inspection servicesRequest a quote nowschedule online, or call (832)-303-8048.