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If a log cabin is your dream home, make sure it doesn’t turn into a financial nightmare by getting a log home inspection from RedFish Inspections. We serve the Houston Area and the surrounding cities and towns of Livingston and Huntsville. Request a quote now, schedule online, or call (832)-303-8048.

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Anyone can inspect a log home, but very few in the area have the expertise that RedFish Inspections does.

  • Owner Jeremy Lovelady has taken the extra time (and expense) to become one of the only certified log home inspectors in the area.
  • He has a thorough understanding of the technicalities and problems unique to log homes.
  • Additionally, Jeremy used to be a log cabin vendor, so he has an in-depth understanding of the building process.

What to Watch for in Log Homes

No doubt, log homes are stunning homes. The wise buyer, however, needs to be aware of issues particular to these dwellings.

  • Settling. During the first five to six years after building a log home, it will settle and can shrink up to eight inches! Everything in the home, therefore, has to be installed with that fact in mind. That means that the plumbing, electrical, cabinets, doors, and so on must be constructed to allow for these changes.
  • Log sealant. The sealant between each log, (whether it be traditional chinking or a silicone base) needs to be done correctly to allow for the proper shed of water from log to log. Also, each log needs to be sealed so that it is impervious to water.
  • Wood rot. Log homes have a higher risk of wood rot and structural integrity issues (affected by wood rot).
  • Maintenance. Log cabins require a commitment to annual maintenance. A lack of maintenance can cause damage to the home.


RedFish Inspections is your one-stop shop for home inspections. Between buyer & seller inspections, new-home construction, and specialty inspections, we have what you need.

Be sure to check out our packages for the best pricing. We also offer discounts to veterans, first responders, and public-school-system employees. We may occasionally have off-season or special promotions as well. For more information, read our Why Choose RedFish Inspections? and FAQ pages.

Don’t sign on the line to purchase a log home without a log cabin inspection from RedFish Inspections. Our qualified inspector will give you the information you need to make the right decision for your family. We serve the Houston Area and the surrounding cities including Montgomery, Conroe, The Woodlands, Spring, Cypress, Tomball, Livingston, Huntsville, and more. Request a quote now, schedule online, or call (832)-303-8048.