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Refrigerators are a cornerstone of modern kitchens, serving as the guardians of our food’s freshness. With the evolution of kitchen design, the integration of appliances has become paramount for a harmonious aesthetic and efficient use of space. Among the various types of refrigerators, the counter depth model stands out for its ability to blend seamlessly with cabinetry. In this article, learn about types of refrigerators and your options, but also learn more about what a counter depth refrigerator is and the benefits of having one in your home.

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Types of Refrigerators

The market offers a diverse range of refrigerators, each catering to different needs and preferences. Let’s take a look at the different types:

  • Top Freezer: Traditional design with ample storage.
  • Bottom Freezer: Easier access to the refrigerator section.
  • Side-by-Side: Equal access to both fridge and freezer.
  • French Door: Combines side-by-side and bottom freezer benefits.
  • Counter Depth: Aligns with kitchen counters for a sleek look.
Counter depth refrigerator in a kitchen stays out of the walkway.

What is a Counter Depth Refrigerator?

A counter depth refrigerator is meticulously crafted to align with the edges of your countertops, minimizing its protrusion into the kitchen walkway. Also, this design promotes a built-in appearance many homeowners covet for its sophisticated and custom-made vibe.

Counter Depth Versus Standard Depth

The battle between counter depth and standard depth refrigerators is one of aesthetics versus capacity. While counter depth models offer a flush fit with kitchen counters, typically ranging from 24 to 30 inches in depth, standard depth refrigerators may extend beyond the counter line, measuring up to 34 inches deep, thus providing more storage space.

Cost of Counter Depth Versus Standard Depth

The price of a counter depth refrigerator can vary widely depending on several factors, including brand, size, features, finish, and where you purchase it. As of my last update, here’s a general pricing guide:

  • Entry-Level Models: Prices for basic counter depth refrigerators start around $1,000 to $2,000. These models may have fewer features and come from less premium brands.
  • Mid-Range Models: For mid-tier counter depth refrigerators with additional features such as water dispensers, ice makers, or smart technology, prices typically range from $2,000 to $3,500.
  • High-End Models: Premium counter depth refrigerators from luxury appliance brands can cost anywhere from $3,500 to over $8,000. These refrigerators often include advanced features like touch-screen controls, customizable temperature zones, and high-quality materials.

Standard Depth Refrigerator

The cost of a standard depth refrigerator also varies widely based on factors such as brand, capacity, features, and finish. Here’s a general pricing guide reflecting the range you might expect:

  • Basic Models: Entry-level standard depth refrigerators can start as low as $500 for the most basic models with limited features and smaller capacities.
  • Mid-Range Models: For those with additional features like ice makers, water dispensers, and larger capacities, prices typically range from $1,000 to $2,000.
  • High-End Models: Premium standard depth refrigerators with advanced features such as smart home connectivity, high-quality materials, and innovative storage solutions can range from $2,000 to $4,000 or more.

As with any major appliance purchase, it’s advisable to shop around, look for sales and promotions, and consider the long-term energy costs associated with the refrigerator’s efficiency when making your decision. Remember to factor in additional expenses such as delivery, installation, and any necessary modifications to your kitchen space.

Pros and Cons of a Counter Depth Refrigerator

There are always pros and cons to everything. Let’s look at what those are for a counter depth refrigerator.


  • Streamlined Design: They create a uniform profile along kitchen counters.
  • Space Saving: Ideal for smaller kitchens, they allow for easier movement.
  • Improved Access: Less depth means less digging for items at the back.


  • Reduced Storage: Shallower shelves equate to less overall interior volume.
  • Higher Cost: The price point is often higher than standard models.

Do You Lose Space in the Refrigerator with Counter Depth?

Inherently, counter depth refrigerators sacrifice some internal volume for their space-saving external dimensions. This trade-off can be significant for large families or those who prefer to buy in bulk.

Counter depth refrigerators can hold a lot of food in them and are great for families.

How to Decide if Counter Depth is Right for You?

To determine if a counter depth refrigerator is suitable for your home, assess your kitchen’s layout, your storage needs, and whether the streamlined design aligns with your vision for the space. Budget considerations are also crucial, as these models can be an investment.

How to Measure for a Counter Depth Refrigerator?

If you decide to get a counter depth refrigerator, you want to make sure that you measure the space accurately. The directions are below but if it is too complicated, you can enlist a family member or friend or reach out to a professional for help.

  1. Measure the Width: Ensure the refrigerator will fit between any counters or other fixtures.
  2. Measure the Depth: Include any additional space needed for the back of the fridge, such as water lines.
  3. Measure the Height: Verify there’s enough room under any overhead cabinets.
  4. Check for Clearance: Account for door swing and ventilation space to prevent overheating.

Benefits of a Counter Depth Refrigerator

Opting for a counter depth refrigerator brings several advantages:

  • Consistent Kitchen Layout: It contributes to a tidy and organized kitchen appearance.
  • Enhanced Functionality: The reduced depth can make kitchen navigation more fluid.
  • Sophisticated Aesthetics: These models often feature high-end finishes and features.

Different Styles of Counter Depth Refrigerators

Counter depth refrigerators come in various styles to suit personal tastes and functional requirements. It will help you to understand the different styles and what you would like.

  • French Door: Offers a wide refrigerator space with a bottom freezer.
  • Side-by-Side: Features two doors with the fridge on one side and the freezer on the other.
  • Bottom Freezer: Place the freezer at a lower level for easy fridge access.
  • Four-Door: Includes additional compartments for versatile storage options.
  • Compact Models: Perfect for small spaces or as a secondary fridge.

How to Maintain Counter Depth Refrigerators

Maintaining your counter depth refrigerator involves routine cleaning of the interior and exterior, ensuring the coils are dust-free, and checking the integrity of door seals. Regular defrosting and organizing the contents can also enhance efficiency and longevity.

Kitchen Maintenance

Now that you know what a counter depth refrigerator is, let’s learn about other areas of kitchen maintenance. One of those is resetting the filter light on a Samsung refrigerator. There are steps to follow that involve finding the reset button and pressing it. Then, observing the indicator, releasing and checking it, and testing the water dispenser. Furthermore, keeping an eye out for water that doesn’t taste as clean or even the light coming on will allow you to stay ahead of the game.

When you buy a new refrigerator, this can be an exciting time. Finding one that fits the needs of you and your family is important. This is because it is used often and stores the food we need each day. When the new refrigerator arrives, you need to know that when it is plugged in, it does not cool right away. It can take from 2 hours to 24 hours depending on the appliance so make sure you have plans for where the food will go while it is cooling.

Lastly, it is important to know how many lights can be on a 15-amp circuit. Many of us use recessed lighting or other types of lighting in our kitchen. A 15-amp circuit can handle about 1800 watts, and an LED light is about 9W so about 200 LED bulbs on this circuit. You also want to make sure that you know what type of circuit the refrigerator as well so it performs to the best of its ability.

When Do I Call a Professional

If you encounter persistent operational issues such as cooling inconsistencies, strange noises, leaks, or electrical malfunctions, it’s prudent to enlist the expertise of a professional technician. Also, if you are not sure how to measure for the right size or what will fit best, contacting a professional in those areas will help.

Take a look at the video below about counter depth refrigerators versus standard. Also, if you are on the fence about which one is best, this video may help.


Counter depth refrigerators are a stylish and practical choice for those looking to maximize their kitchen space without compromising on design. While they may offer less storage capacity than their standard counterparts, the benefits of a streamlined kitchen often outweigh this limitation. Careful consideration of your specific needs, precise measurements, and diligent maintenance will ensure that your counter depth refrigerator remains a valuable addition to your culinary space. Reach out to RedFish Inspections Home Inspection services for a home inspection in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas.

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