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Buying a home is a big decision, so it’s critical to evaluate the following ten elements of a home before making a purchase. Then, once you’ve narrowed in on your dream home, schedule a home inspection with RedFish Inspections. Our experienced inspectors will arm you with the information needed to make an informed decision.

Buyer Inspection

10 Things to Look For in a Home

1. House Size

Before searching for a home, determine how much you can spend and what neighborhood you wish to live in. Then, determine what size of home you want and can afford. Think carefully about your lifestyle and future goals as you make this decision. 

2. Yard Preferences

Another important factor to consider is yard size. Does owning acreage interest you, or would you prefer a postage stamp yard? Likewise, consider what kind of lawn maintenance you are prepared to do (or hire out) and the kinds of activities you enjoy. Does the property accommodate your lifestyle and budget?

3. Exterior Elements

In addition to curb appeal, the condition of the home’s exterior tells a lot about the overall condition of the home. Some of the main elements to consider are the roof, foundation, and siding. Look for signs of damage, aging, cracking, rotting, or moisture damage.   

4. Bedrooms

Think long term when deciding on your desired number and size of bedrooms. These factors are important and should reflect your lifestyle and future goals. Additionally, consider the location of the bedrooms, size and number of closets, lighting, privacy from neighbors, window locations, and number of electrical outlets as you view each room.

5. Bathrooms

Similarly, consider the size, location, and number of bathrooms. Make sure all components are functional, including the toilet, faucets, shower, and fan. Look under sinks and around the tub and toilet for signs of leaks and water damage. Moisture issues, plumbing problems, and mold growth are not issues you want to be surprised about after moving in!

Schedule an Inspection

Stay tuned for our next post for more tips on what to look for in a home. In the meantime, once you’ve found your dream home, schedule a home inspection with RedFish Inspections. One of our inspectors will evaluate the home and provide a comprehensive, same-day online report of our findings. For all of your home inspection needs in Houston, MontgomeryConroeThe WoodlandsSpringCypress, Tomball, and beyond, call (832) 303-8048.