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Have you always dreamed of owning a home on the water? The thought of waking up to the sun glimmering off the water, hopping onto your boat, and spending the day fishing sounds like a dream come true. But like any dream, without proper preparation, owning a waterfront home can quickly become a nightmare. Before purchasing a waterfront property in the northwest Houston area, consider these 10 tips, the first five of which are included below. [We will discuss the remaining five in our next blog.] And be sure to call RedFish Inspections to schedule your waterfront home inspection.

Waterfront Home and Property Inspection

1. Find an Expert Realtor

The average realtor won’t have the knowledge or expertise required to find a good deal on a quality piece of waterfront property. Look for a realtor who knows what issues to look for, and who can help you find a property that matches your lifestyle goals.

2. Buy for the Property, Not the House

Many homeowners make the mistake of buying a waterfront property because they love the house. Unfortunately, this causes buyers to overlook things about the property they may later come to regret. Before you buy, consider how easily you can access the water, your desired level of privacy, and the water quality. Search for a property that meets your standards; you can always renovate the home later.

3. Consider Your Lifestyle

Before investing in a property, consider how the location will affect your lifestyle. If ocean access is important to you, wait for a property that makes that possible. If, however, you would rather shorten your commute into the city, don’t spend money buying on the coast. Think about how you want to live and the ways this property will help or harm that goal. Then buy accordingly.

4. Start Looking for Loans Before Shopping

Waterfront properties are expensive. As such, lenders have high standards with regard to loan qualifications. Before getting your heart set on a piece of property, first make sure you can secure the loan. 

5. Make Sure the Home Can Handle the Elements

Waterfront homes are exposed to extreme conditions. As such, make sure your home is properly equipped to handle corrosive salt air and hurricanes. Look for things like storm shutters, stainless steel locks, and a solid roof before making a purchase.

Schedule an Inspection

Once you’ve located your dream property, schedule a waterfront inspection with RedFish Inspections. We will perform a complete home inspection as well as an in-the-water inspection of bulkheads, docks, and piers. For more information, call (832) 303-8048 or request a quote online.