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Have you always dreamed of owning a log home? Log cabins offer homeowners many benefits, but they can also be a major financial liability if not properly maintained. Before purchasing a log home in the northwest Houston area, schedule a log cabin inspection with RedFish Inspections.

Log Home Inspection

What to Look For:

As you begin the house hunting process, be sure to focus on more than aesthetics. There are six crucial elements to consider before making an offer on a log home.

1. Deck Flashing

While a deck may seem like a major perk, it can also be a big headache if the flashing was not done properly. Check the joint between the house and the deck to make sure the flashing was installed properly and that there are no signs of moisture.

2. Roof

Moisture is a log home’s worst enemy. As such, the condition and size of the roof is vitally important. The roof should overhang the logs by at least 18 inches to protect them from the elements. If the ends of the logs extend beyond the roof line, it is only a matter of time until they begin to rot.

3. Rot

Rotten logs typically result from a moisture problem and/or a lack of routine maintenance. To look for signs of rot, inspect the logs for cracks. Cracks located on the topside of an exterior log should be treated and caulked to prevent moisture damage. Left unchecked, a single crack can lead to serious water damage and rot issues.

4. Insect Damage

Wood-boring insects, particularly carpenter bees, love to build their nests inside of log homes. Look for small holes in the wood with piles of sawdust beneath the opening. Carpenter bees are a serious matter for log homes and need to be dealt with promptly to prevent serious damage.

5. Stain and Maintenance

Log homes must be regularly sealed and maintained to prevent moisture damage. If possible, find out what kind of stain was used on the home and if it has been properly maintained over the years.

6. Schedule an Inspection

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, schedule a log cabin inspection with RedFish Inspections. As one of the only certified log cabin inspectors in the area, we will provide all the information you need, including an estimate of potential repair costs, to help you make the right decision. Call (832) 303-8048 or request a quote online today.