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At RedFish Inspections, we offer three different new construction inspections. This provides customers with confidence that their home is being built to code and to their satisfaction. We offer the following new construction inspections.

1. Phase Construction Inspection

InterNACHI, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, recommends completing three inspections over the course of the construction process. These include:

Post-Foundation Forms Inspection

We inspect new construction foundations after the forms have been set but before the concrete is poured. Our inspectors will compare the layout of the foundation against engineering diagrams to verify the location of plumbing rough-ins for supply and sewer lines. Additionally, we check the steel content, depth of the footings, and the size/placement of post-tension cables.

Pre-Drywall Inspection

As construction progresses, we will perform a pre-drywall inspection. We perform this inspection after the framing, insulation, HVAC and plumbing rough-ins, and electrical wiring are complete. As the homeowner, this is a good time to look at the locations of outlets, windows, and doors, and to make any final changes to the layout. Our inspectors will make sure everything is up to code and will report defects that the builder needs to fix before installing drywall.

Final Inspection

At the final inspection, an inspector will walk through the home with you and the home builder. Our inspectors will review the same items as in a standard home inspection, and you can note any cosmetic items you would like the builder to correct.

2. End-of-Construction Inspection

In addition to the three-phase inspection mentioned above, we also offer an end-of-construction inspection. This inspection includes the same elements as in a standard home inspection, including a review of the structure, electrical systems, plumbing systems, HVAC systems, kitchen appliances, and thermal imaging. We will make sure your new home has been completed with excellence before you release your builder.

3. Warranty Inspection

Most home builders provide a one-year warranty on new construction homes. Therefore, we recommend scheduling a warranty inspection four to six weeks before the builder’s warranty expires. We check all warrantied items to make sure the builder has to correct problems on his dime, instead of yours.

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