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Many Texans love the look and appeal of log cabins. The richness of the wood allows homeowners to create both rustic getaways and elegant abodes. But log homes require special care to maintain their integrity. Before purchasing a log home in the Houston area, contact RedFish Inspections. As one of the only certified log home inspectors in the area, we will help you avoid expensive log home pitfalls.

Log Cabin Home Inspection

1. Settling

Because of their unique construction, log cabin homes tend to settle more than traditional brick and mortar homes. During the first five to six years after construction, log homes can settle and shrink up to eight inches! Our home inspectors will make sure your plumbing, wiring, cabinets, doors, and other structural elements haven’t been affected as the home has settled over time. 

2. Log Sealant

Water is a log home’s worst enemy. To prevent wood rot and mold, both the joints and the logs themselves have to be sealed. Our inspectors will check the condition of the chinking to make sure the joints are not leaking. Furthermore, we will make sure the logs have been stained and sealed properly to prevent moisture penetration.

3. Wood Rot

Log homes are more prone to wood rot than traditional homes. Therefore, our inspectors will make sure the home is properly sealed and ventilated; excessive moisture can lead to dangerous mold and costly repairs for log home owners. We often recommend adding a WDI (wood-destroying insect) and termite inspection to your log cabin home inspection; the presence of termites and insects can indicate a wood rot and/or moisture problem that has led to a destructive infestation.

4. Maintenance

Log homes require regular maintenance to maintain their integrity. Our inspectors will look to see if the home has been regularly cleaned and stained to prevent moisture problems. We will also ensure that any exposed cracks have been treated, stained, and caulked to prevent moisture from accumulating and causing wood rot.

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Log homes are timeless and beautiful, but they can also be extremely expensive to repair. Before signing on the line to purchase a log home, contact RedFish Inspections for a log home inspection. Our qualified inspector will give you the information you need to make the right decision. Request a quote now or call (832) 303-8048 for more information.