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Buying a new home is an exciting process, but moving in is even better. That is unless you run into issues. Unfortunately, many homebuyers find themselves shocked by scary things found in their new home. While some of the things are more benign than others, RedFish Inspections hopes you don’t have to experience any of them at all. Here are the top five scary things found by new homeowners.

Top 5 Scary Things Found in a New Home

1. Creatures

You’ve heard tales of things that go bump in the night, right? Sometimes, creatures are the cause of strange chewing, clawing, scratching, and vocal sounds. We’ve seen all kinds of creatures and critters inhabit homes and commercial properties. Wild animals, rodents, termites, snakes, and a host of other critters can hide out for quite some time. Additionally, they can wreak havoc and cause all kinds of damage. If this is the case, we recommend you engage pest control services as soon as possible. 

2. Other Life Forms

Some homeowners find strange things lurking and growing around their house that look like some other form of life. Often, these scary scenes resemble a science fiction movie that begins with an invasion and then tries to take over the world. Even worse, property owners typically discover them in dark basements and damp crawlspaces. Mold and wood-destroying organisms can spook new buyers when discovered too late. While the experience can be terrifying, the cost of mitigation can be worse. To avoid this, we suggest getting a termite and WDI inspection upfront. 

3. Unwanted Guests

Believe it or not, people have found strangers living in their homes. Often, these unwanted guests lurk in basements, attics, and even crawlspaces. Sometimes, people want a warm place to stay, but other times they have different intentions. However, some homeowners also insist their unwanted guests are ghosts and other types of supernatural entities. We’ll leave you to determine which is worse, but we are confident most prefer neither. 

4. Structural Issues

Sometimes the housing market is such that people make an offer to buy a home without a home inspection. Prospective buyers make this offer to beat the competition and speed up the buying process. However, what happens when people buy a home with no inspection and then have a significant issue? One of the worst challenges homeowners face is foundation issues, which put the entire structure at risk. Sadly, this presents a nightmare scenario that some experience when they decline elevation inspections

5. Sewage

Last but not least, on our list of the top scary things found in new homes are well and septic issues. Like structural problems, well and septic challenges can mean you have to tear up your property to replace old pipes. However, having raw sewage back up into your home is equally horrific. 

Comprehensive Inspection Services

RedFish Inspections inspects residential and commercial properties. As such, we’ve seen a variety of scary things found in homes and businesses. This Halloween, don’t get caught off guard. Schedule an inspection in Houston with us online, request a quote, or call (832) 303-8048 to speak to a professional.