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Buying a new home brings feelings of excitement, and maybe a little anxiety. In today’s economy, home prices remain high and inventory low. As a result, prospective homebuyers try to get creative by offering more than the asking price or waiving the home inspection. At RedFish Inspections, we don’t recommend skipping the inspection. Moreover, we suggest using experienced inspectors for properties that require a specialty inspection, and this article explains why. 

3 Types of Homes That Require a Specialty Inspection

1. Waterfront Property

Many people dream of owning waterfront property. For some, the dream includes beach property and others, like homes on lakes or private ponds. Whatever waterfront your property overlooks, the inspection consists of more than what general home inspectors perform. Not every home inspector is qualified or certified to provide specialty home inspections, so it’s essential to use someone qualified. When it comes to waterfront property, a skilled inspector includes the following areas: 

Boat & Jet Ski Lifts- We’ll inspect the motor, bolts, other parts, and general condition and functioning of the equipment. 
Docks- Dock decking alone can cost a lot of money. In addition to the planks, you also have to consider the framing structure, bulkhead, hardware, and seawall cap. If it’s connected to water or electric service, we’ll inspect those elements, too. 
Piers- Similar to a doc inspection, we’ll observe any pier on the property along with any structures connected to it.
Bulkheads- Retaining walls play a crucial role in waterfront property. This part of the inspection ensures the seawall is structurally sound, and whether it requires any repair. 

2. Log Homes

You may know that log homes differ from conventional ones. As a result, proper appraisal includes pulling comps on other log homes since log homes can’t compare them to traditional ones. Additionally, we suggest a specialty home inspection from an agency experienced in these types of properties. Some of the things we look for include:

Settling- Log woods shrink. Over time, they can shift, settle, and shrink up to six-to-eight inches. As a result, the settling sometimes impacts electrical wiring and plumbing.  Moreover, cabinets and counters can shift with the house. 
Log sealant- Both chinking and newer silicone-based sealant can wear over time. Moisture intrusion isn’t suitable for any home, especially logs. We’ll make sure the house is properly sealed and insulated. 
Wood condition- Log homes are beautiful, but they can run the risk of rot, mold, and pest intrusion, such as woodpeckers and wood bees. Each of these risks can eventually cause structural issues.
Maintenance- We’ll check to see if the previous owner performed regular maintenance, let you know the overall condition and what you may expect moving forward. 

3. Farms & Ranches

With this specialty home inspection, we include additional structures and features that relate to farms and ranches. These include the following:

Barns, Stables, & Workshops
Well and Septic

Schedule Your Specialty Property Inspection

Whether you have a traditional home or a specialty property in Houston or the surrounding area, RedFish Inspections can help. Our qualified inspectors are skilled in their trade and certified to perform a variety of inspections in addition to general home inspections. Request a quote online or call (832) 303-8048 to schedule an appointment.